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I have been a senior developer with a focus on architecture, simplicity, and building effective teams for over ten years. As a director at Surge consulting I was involved in many operational duties and decisions and - in addition to software development duties - designed and implemented an interview processes and was involved in community building that saw it grow from 20 to about 350 developers and through an acquisition. I was then CTO setting up a dev shop at working closely with graduates of a coding bootcamp on both project work and helping them establish careers in the industry.

Currently a Director of Engineering at your search engine for finding social services.

I speak at conferences, have mentored dozens of software devs, have written popular articles, and been interviewed for a variety of podcasts and publications. I suppose that makes me an industry leader.

I'm particularly interesting in companies that allow remote work and can check one or more of the following boxes:

  • Product companies that help people in a non-trite manner (eg I'm not super interested in the next greatest way to get food delivered)
  • Product companies that make developer or productivity tooling
  • Funded startups that need a technical co-founder
  • Functional programming (especially Clojure or Elixir)
  • Companies trying to do something interesting with WebAssembly
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