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My presence here on PSE is to be a part of pool of physicists because of fact that science is not dependent on the idea of a single man, but on the collective and continuous wisdom of thousands of men, all thinking of the same problem. It drives me to look at old problems in a different way, to stop my brain from atrophying, use as a resource to improve my knowledge, to improve my critical thinking by looking into details of problems from different perspectives, sharing my enthusiasm and occasional insights, and keeping up with the latest developments in some areas. I also tend to counter the mean attitude of users towards newbies asking questions through comments, answers and votes. There's no stupid question, just ask.

As an erasmus scholar, I have formal training in optics/photonics, but tend to approach it very intuitively; I strive for a balance between estimation and precise calculation, as well as between principles and details. However, I believe many problems can be solved by making a thoughtful sketch. Properly labeling the axes and avoiding insignificant data are key to this approach. My interest is piqued by the challenges in photonics, optics, physics, LabVIEW, electronics, data, Python, C, HTML5, and CSS3.

As an amateur physicist, i am intrigued by universal nature of chaotic and random complex systems in universe to acheieve a balanced synchronisation through (gravitational, chemical, biological, physical) forces stretched over time and space, despite nature's tendency for disorder. Deriving the meaning and recognising patterns in this entropy of universe leads us to theories, equations, formulas, poetry, music and ideas that is our way to compress the universe and predict the future and reflect on the past in time/space.

If you want to look at what I work on in more detail, visit my Google webpage.

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