Fuad Efendi

“The Perfect Is The Enemy Of The Good” - Voltaire.

Maybe search is not the application you should be building. Maybe you should be building recommendations? We’ve all been to stores where when we ask for information on an interested product, we get short answers with very little engagement.

You can imagine search like that: while recommendations instead of just search come to you in more of a personalized form. Now imagine going to a place where everyone knows you’re name. Just like that TV show Cheers. Upon entering, the bartender already knows what kind of drink you want!

You want ENORMOUS improvement in search relevance. You expect the accuracy and the ease-of-use.

So am I:

  • 19+ years in Information Retrieval and Knowledge Management: Distributed Computing, Data Mining, Vertical Search Diverse expertise and analytical skills with ability to troubleshoot the most trickiest problems
  • Core Java Blackbelt (including Java 8): multithreading, concurrency, data structures, algorithms, JVM tuning & architecture, Lambda Expressions, Streams, Functions, Annotations, Generics
  • Valuable experience with Big Data, Machine Learning, and NoSQL: Hadoop, MapReduce, Spark, Scala, SEDA, Cassandra, Lucene, Mahout, TensorFlow, OpenNLP, and more
  • Owns and manages “Distributed Executor, Big Data, and Vertical Search” project, powered by Hadoop, MapReduce, Spark, Scala, Cascading, HBase, Mahout, Cassandra, Lucene/Solr, ZooKeeper, GWT/Vaadin, Wicket, Crawler-Commons, WEKA, OpenNLP, and other technology
  • Valuable contributions to open source Apache projects: Nutch, Hadoop, Spark, HBase, ZooKeeper, Lucene, Solr (caching & faceting performance improvements), Lily, Commons-Crawler, OpenNLP, Mahout, and more

I am best at: Elasticsearch and Solr implementations, Custom Indexer & Data Import Design and Implementation, Performance Tuning, and Troubleshooting, Core Java coding, NoSQL schema design, Web Portals, and Crawlers.

And I am BEST OF THE BEST with Search Relevancy and Recommendations Systems.

Contact me at FUAD [at] EFENDI [dot] CA, I want to learn more about your existing challenge.

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