I am a software engineer who loves writing clean code and refactoring messy code into clean code.

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  • I love Python.
  • I like C#.
  • I know C++, Java, SQL, Bash, and KornShell.
  • I have used JavaScript, Visual Basic, LabVIEW G, MATLAB.
  • I am learning awk, Perl and VimScript.
  • I want to learn C, CoffeeScript and Lisp.


  • I like XML, XSL, JSON.
  • I know XSD, DTD, MySQL.
  • I have used SQLite, ODBC and MSSQL.

Development Tools

  • I love Vim, Mercurial and Git.
  • I like sed, grep, gdb/ddd, KDiff3, and Valgrind.
  • I know Eclipse, commandline Subversion and TortoiseSVN).
  • I have used Visual Studio.
  • I am learning Make, Git and Mercurial.

The birthdate I entered is farcical, as I prefer not to identify myself in any way publicly online, but the age is in the ballpark.

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