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I used to be a sedentary computer-worker, but ten years ago I finally found my way out of that rut. I'm now a martial artist with several styles under my belt, specializing in Traditional Chinese Kungfu and Taiji, and very interested in fitness that drives full-body health and positive mental and emotional development. In recent years I've also picked up Freediving, done some spearfishing, and worked my way up to a solid intermediate player in underwater hockey. This year I'm also trying to learn rock-climbing -- I have a long way to go, but my excellent overall fitness and the core-muscle and balance skills I gained from martial arts and swimming have given me a really good head-start.

I'm 35 and in the best shape of my life by far. I weigh 125 pounds, have nice visible muscles without being skinny (I've always been curvy and I like it that way), and while I'm always looking to get stronger, faster, more flexible and more unstoppable, I also put a lot of focus on avoiding injury and making sure my later years are just as filled with awesome as the last ten have been!

Fitness is a habit just like anything else! If I can go from never-exercised, sat-indoors-all-day to where I am now, anybody can get there. And I'm thrilled if I can help.

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