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I walk, on average, a 15 minute mile and on flat terrain. I weight 150 lbs and I'm about 5' 7" with a medium build.

I'm trying to manage my overall health and want to ensure my exercise is balancing my food intake properly.

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Just find a calorie burn calculator, select walking ~ 4mph and put in your values. It's approximate (They all are), but it should be close enough for your purposes. –  JohnP Aug 21 at 17:35
I would not depend on calorie calculators, you should monitor your food intake and weight. It is possible to think you are burning more calories because of some app and then eat more because of it –  brentwpeterson Aug 21 at 19:54

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Here is one calorie burn calculator (Shapesense.com) for walking.

I walk a lot and I have a walking tracker with calorie counting on the phone but I never use it. Calories burnt just don't tell me anything. I use the holes on my belt as a measure, seriously.

Walking alone is not that great to lose calories, unless you walk really a lot. A relatively easy way is to stop eating some types of food, for example all dairy or all sweats and such, and to eat whole-grain bread and vegetables, which prevents food craving a bit.

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