I'm noticing as I build muscle that it's harder for me to close my arm all the way -- the motion you would use to touch your fist to your shoulder.

I've noticed little things so far:

  • it's harder to reach my collar to insert collar stays
  • when I do bench presses, as I get near the bottom of my lift, I can feel the stretch in my arm where I couldn't before

What are good stretches to improve my flexibility here? Am I looking for tricep stretches? General arm stretches?

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Yes that would be your triceps. Try the three stretches shown below:

enter image description here

1.) Place your hand on the opposite elbow as show below and the elbow and gently pull it across your body until you feel a stretch.

enter image description here

2.) Standing in a doorway with your palms facing forward with your arms at shoulder level lean forward.

enter image description here 3.) Pull your arm slightly towards you.

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