There's a related question here: Is it really necessary take one entire week to rest from running? but it seems like that person was already a seasoned runner.

I'm going from almost zero physical exertion for the past 4-5 years and I'm in week 4 of the c25k app. There's some stuff I have to deal with this week and I'd like to take a week off to focus on it before getting back to running. I don't want to lose the progress I've made over the past 3 weeks so is it okay to take a break? I'm relatively fit so I don't have any health issues or anything and I'm doing it purely as a hobby type thing.

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Life happens to all of us, so if you have to take a break, do it. You have little to lose by taking a week off from a running perspective. Just make sure you have a reasonable plan to resume and maintain your fitness. I've found that with running, consistency is key for progress. If you let one week off become 2 and then 3, it will be much harder to get back out there. An alternative would be to put your specific training plan on hold for a week, but still do whatever running works for you. If you can squeeze 1 workout in during the week, that may make it easier to resume your plan right where you left off.


From my experience, yes, you should be fine, but you're going to have to gauge it for yourself. Try for week 5 once you start back up, but keep in mind the week 4 goals, and switch to them if you find that week 5 is too challenging.

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