Question No. 1:

How many estimated percentage of my weight that I lift while doing elevated push ups with my feet on my unstable bed about 60cm from the floor (so I also keep my balance work here) ?

I can do it 10 reps, after I usually do 60 - 100 reps classic push ups and 10 deep push ups.

My weight is 76kg. It can vary from 73 - 76kg, I'll continue my "strict" diet lifestyle again in September 2011.

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This is the pic I stole from baseops, I believe for my case, my feet is 15-20cm higher than that.

elevated push ups

Question No. 2:

I can only do 2 reps of not perfect hand stand push ups so far, I'm not 180 degree upside down, maybe about 20 - 30 degree to be completely upside down. Is it true that I lift my total body weight (76kg) while doing it ?

I really feel something GOOD on my shoulders' muscle for both of these kinds of push ups. Specially for hand stand push ups, about 2 - 5 minutes after that workout, I kinda feel refresher. I wonder if that happened because my blood flowing to my head?

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Answer 1: They physics is somewhat tricky since so much depends on the exact angle and the distribution of weight on your body. A better approach is just to measure by putting a scale under your hands and do a diamond push-up (so both your hands fit on the scale). See what the scale reads at the bottom of the push-up versus the top. Take the average and you're done.

Answer 2: Unless you're going perfectly up and down, you're not lifting the full mass.

  • +1 for Answer 1, I'll get back to update this thread/comment once I'm done with the scale. Thanks!
    – Arie
    Jul 21, 2011 at 15:57

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