I understand that one has to run fast enough to get their heartrate at a sufficiently high level to improve cardiovascular and lung health, but at what point does running faster give diminishing returns?

For example, and I'm making figures up, suppose one sees a 100% increase in cardiovascular and lung health going from 2.5mph to 5mph. Will they see another 100% return from 5mph to 10mph, or would they, say, only see an increase of 15%?

  • Diet dictates cardiovascular health, exercise dictates cardiovascular function. Ex: the more you do one specific exercise the better your body becomes at doing that exercise. But no exercise makes you healthier, it might just decrease the speed at which your body is degrading down. But only diet has been proven to have actual effects in health, when health is considered mortality rate. You can't run away from death, but you can eat better so death gets further away from you. – user33369 Jun 5 '20 at 23:18

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