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Basal Metabolic Rate calculation

I am 48, male, 5ft 9 inches tall, and weigh 225 lbs. My daily calorie intake is approximately 2200 calories...this is a balanced diet, high in protein and fibre, not high in carbs, low in fat...I don'...
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Can dehydration really lower our resting metabolic rate?

Ok, that's it. I've read about how dehydration can "slow down" our metabolism one time too many, so I decided to conduct my own research - and find out once and for all, whether or not that's just ...
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2 votes
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Does weighlifting have the same benefits as HIIT?

Background of HIIT High intensity interval training (HIIT) is generally performed by sprinting close to maximum capacity followed by rest. The process is repeated several times. Proponents of HIIT ...
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