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2 answers

Do reps count if I rest a few seconds between reps?

When I do weighted pullups with the heavy rock it takes a lot out of me. I can 5 reps in a row, but then I need to pause for a couple of seconds on the ground before each successive rep. So if P ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Burning calories by running with break vs without break

I have a question about which way of training would burn more calories. I will try to run as fast as I can for 5m without taking breaks. I will try to run as fast as I can for 1m, then I take a break ...
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1 answer

optimal resting period for strength

I'm currently doing a (mainly) body-weight routine that involves 3 circuits of: 15 close grip push ups 15 squats plank 1-2 min 5 chin-ups 5 pull-ups (just started the *ups lagging behind in that dept)...
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3 answers

Can I do both weight training and BodyPump?

I was expecting to get a bit more cardio from a BodyPump but experience was different. I felt like I have done a full body strength session. Should I go for less weights? And do I need a rest day ...
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3 answers

One Rep Max related terminology - What 5RM mean?

I was going through this article in the benefits of rest-pause exercise and seen this recommendation which I need a bit of help to interpret. New to rest-pause? Try this chest routine to ... ...
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