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Aerobic vs anaerobic for better fat loss

I've read in this forum about aerobic and anaerobic training but i can't get an answer for my particular situation. I'm 35 years, male, 175cm , with 79kg, doing 3 or 4 exercises (2xrunning 5km/500 ...
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Is 2-hour cardio healthy?

I would like to try doing 2 hour cardio everyday for a week. Maybe 3 hour if I can. I was wondering if there would be any side effects? My goal is to increase calory deficit to 2000-3000 daily. My ...
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Is it helpful in losing weight when running with jackets on in summer [closed]

Is it good idea to run with your jacket on when temp is 25-30 degree celsius. I run 7.2K (will do 10K one day :] ) 5 times a week. Is it helpful in reducing weight.
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All activity is the same for weight loss?

There was a recent study in the Journal of Applied Physiology, where they took a cohort of 96 obese people and started them on different exercise regimens, as well as a targeted 30% deficit in daily ...
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Why can't I lose weight? [duplicate]

I'm a 23 year old woman, 5'8", and 164 lbs. I'm having difficulty losing weight. Am I getting too much protein? Or am I not eating enough? I start my day with a Clif bar (260 cal, 9g protein), have a ...
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Workout using only dumbbells to burn fat and build muscles?

I have no time to go to the gym, my house is very small to buy large gym equipments and all I can buy is a set of dumbbells. I have only one hour per day to train. Currently I'm 79 KGs and I want to ...
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Advise on Exercise machine for weight loss

After baby number 2, I weigh 70kg and am trying to lose weight ideally to 60kg. Can you please advise on which exercise machine to purchase for cardio. Something that does not take up a lot of space ...
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Walking my way to FATness?

I started walking 3 miles per day around October of 2015, before 2015 I did swimmimg , biking, treadmill, crosstraining and adding weights to my ankles and all sorts of things to shift weight. I am ...
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My body has adapted to walking

I started dieting and walking about 4 months ago, building up to around 60-70 miles a week, and lost 11kg/23lbs up to the middle of May ... But the last month I have had no weight loss so I think my ...
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Will someone help me construct a weight loss plan?

I am a 16 year old, American girl who wants to lose weight. Obviously, I am not unique in this regard, but I'm not interested in magic pills and chemicals and Jenny Craig programs that promise results ...
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Best online program for fat loss [duplicate]

I have come across programs like Kris gethin and jym stoppani....I want to lose fat and build muscle...I need a weight loss of around 20kilos too....I would ask will the program help me with my goal......
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