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Creatine and water retention. Why to drink more water?

Creating draws more water into your muscle cells, which helps to increase muscle bulk and also increase protein synthesis (1)(2), although the total amount of water involved is relatively small. It ...
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How to avoid post-training brain fuzziness

My answer is anecdotal from personal experience. You could very well be crashing post workout. Does your "fuzzybrain" go away after you eat and drinking? Have you considered blood sugar levels post ...
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What is waste product of muscle synthesis, creating unquenchable thirst?

No, urea is not the cause of the yellow colour of urine. That's urobilin, which is an end product of the breakdown of red blood cells. Urea is the body's means of disposing of metabolised amino acids, ...
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Can dehydration really lower our resting metabolic rate?

Dehydration has a negative effect on metabolic rate in skeletal muscular metabolism in that it hinders metabolic efficiency with strain and heat. See this link for the full article. And this one for a ...
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