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Is there a way you can you improve your reflexes and reactions generally?

Reflexes can be improved for SPECIFIC actions. The rules of thumb are: When you react to stimuli, you strengthen neural pathways responsible for that action. In addition to that, you take out the ...
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How to reduce fatigue after office?

You’d be amazed how much more productive and energized you feel after starting a strength and cardio training regimen. As you’re just starting out, developing consistency is far more important than ...
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Is there a way you can you improve your reflexes and reactions generally?

Because reflexes are automatically programmed, they do not rely on conscious or unconscious brain activity. The interaction between reflexive and conscious responses can be more complex. In certain ...
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How to avoid post-training brain fuzziness

My answer is anecdotal from personal experience. You could very well be crashing post workout. Does your "fuzzybrain" go away after you eat and drinking? Have you considered blood sugar levels post ...
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When blood flow to the brain increases during exercise, how many hours does it stay this way afterwards?

-Pub med actually has graphs on this. "Brain activity after physical activity" i believe is what I typed in. - I joined stack exchange almost 5 minutes ago.. So, Please be patient with me! I am ...
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Brain and brawn

I do not agree with the premises of your question. First, large animals such as elephants are far more intelligent than the corvids. Yes, corvids demonstrate impressive problem-solving skills, but ...
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Why is one sleepy/tired after playing basketball but not after running?

I find that basketball fatigues me much quicker and recovery takes longer than running. Running a 5k/10k is one long continuous activity at a moderate pace; unless of course you're competing in a ...
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How to reduce fatigue after office?

One primary reason for fatigue is due to lack of oxygen supply to cells. So, you should make sure you are breathing properly (ie. deep inhalation and exhalation) and conscious breathing. There are lot ...
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