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Is there a way for a 300lb man to be stronger than a 500lb man?

Yes. Strength is specific to the measurement being performed, so it's possible that the lighter athlete could just be more trained in the specific movement being performed. For example, a 300lb ...
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Understanding effect of repetitions on muscles and appearance

The guardian is wrong. Research has consistently shown than rep range does not matter for hypertrophy, as long as sets are done sufficiently close to failure and the reps are not so ridiculously high (...
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Rationale behind Rep Range recommendations - Strength vs Hypertrophy

I did a little digging around, and I found a review article that was published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research in 2010 (So relatively recent), with a full link to the PDF here. ...
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Strengthen Teeth

First off, if you think you may have cracked a tooth, I highly recommend that you see a dentist. If your teeth are that loose, there is likely an underlying cause that you need to deal with comparable ...
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Scientific evidence for physical, not psychological, somatotying

There are lots of great answers regarding this topic on this very site: Why do so many fitness websites still reference somatotypes? I have my own theory regarding this topic that I've developed ...
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What causes an annoying "lethargy" which increases on consecutive days of rest from running?

Finding precise studies seems to be hard, but I think we might be dealing with two factors: psychological and physiological. On a psychological level, there is habit formation. Taking an extract from ...
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Climbing the stairs in digitigrade fashion - less efficient, harmful?

All of what you've described sounds like normal human movement, and unlikely to harm you; however, a disclosure: these ways (fast and slow) are how I ascend stairs, too. A minor note: I suspect that ...
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How can I increase my vertical jump?

You should perform a combination of heavy weight training (squats, lunges, calves with legpress) and explosive training (box jumps, sprints) to increase your fast power and improve muscle coordination
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Can knee flexion exercises improve hip extension strength?

From https://www.strengthandconditioningresearch.com/muscles/hamstrings/ The hamstrings are a group of four muscles on the back of the thigh. Three of them are two-joint muscles (performing both ...
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Losing Lean Muscle Mass (Detraining)

At a basic physiological level, how is this occurring? Every day, your body builds up and breaks down muscle. Under homeostasis, this breakdown evens out the buildup and there is no net-muscle gain. ...
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Explain upper solid horiz line in Fitbit visualization of "estimated oxygen variability" graph

The original graph didn't have that line at all. It appears they added top and bottom lines to indicate the maximum and minimum values to the graph and you can see how close you are to them. As far ...
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Can knee flexion exercises improve hip extension strength?

I would adapt the lens you're viewing this through. Going muscle by muscle, while it has merit, is much harder than viewing the movement you're trying to correct. You're already seeing that with your ...
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Foot splay whilst running

This is actually the ideal; your feet should splay to absorb impact as they strike the ground (ideally with a mid-foot strike) http://www.barefootbeginner.com/2012/08/14/how-will-my-feet-change-when-...
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Strength crossover with muscular endurance

It's an interesting question and unfortunately, I don't know of any specific studies that actually answer the question. My answer is more about logic and personal experience. The stronger you are, ...
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