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Is there a difference between pec flies on seated pec fly/rear delt fly machines and cable flies?

More specifically do they both target the same muscles, and even more specifically do they both equally target the serratus anterior?
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Does rest time vary depending on the exercise or muscle group? For example, do compound exercises require greater rest time than isolation exercises?

I'm curious if rest time varies depending on the exercise. I certainly feel more tired after doing a compound exercise like squats compared to an isolation exercise like a leg press, both of which ...
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are there any quad isolation exercises besides a leg extension machine

I can only find one true quad isolation exercise and that's the leg extension exercise. My issue is I have a glute medius strain, which only seems to effect when I'm squatting, whether that's one leg ...
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Can all isolation exercises be alternated side-to-side?

I was curious to know the following. Since plenty of Isolation exercises out there have the capacity to be alternated...hence: by having a unilateral nature such as the concentration curl, they can ...
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Is Isolation Work really useless?

Under a question in this stack I someone commented under the answer I gave, that additional isolation work is useless (+ providing some studies about it). The example reffered to Squats as compound a ...
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Recently I came across many training variants, methods & styles and since I'm trying to build a lets say "tree of life" but for fitness categories & their subdivisions. I want to know if ...
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I have atrophied pectorals. How should I train them ? Pictures

Before I show you my photos taken from different angles, I want to explain how I train. Biological informations AND Diseases I'm a 22.5yo male, 1.70m (67 inches), I think I'm between [20 ; 25]% BF. I ...
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Hamstring isolation exercises

So I've had my ACL reconstructed using hamstring tendon graft. I have done physiotherapy course with a doctor which restored ROM and quads control. However apparently the initial injury itself has ...
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Best isolation exercises for general routine

I follow a very basic routine of squat, deadlift, pull-up (weighted) and bench press, and have for many weeks. What are some isolation, muscle-specific or machine exercises to 'fill-in the gaps'? ...
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How to use less abs/core in this exercise?

I don't have a pullup bar and don't intend to get one at my current apartment What the apartment hand is this: Except it has two separate unconnected handles instead of a close grip handle Aside ...
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Why do so many guys deny their lower body? [closed]

So I have noticed a considerable amount of guys in my gym will not do any leg work(as much as 50% on some days).... All they do is bench and do bicep curls... Why don't a lot of guys wanna do leg work?...
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Isolation exercises for back training

I have built a routine which main goal is hypertrophy, and goes with the following strategy: large muscles groups (back, legs, chest) are trained with 3-4 X 8 supersets, usually isolation + compound I....
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When is isolating certain muscles beneficial?

I have heard that isolation exercises are pointless by some, and that total body workouts are to be abided by. I must digress as, for example, what if supporting muscles are strikingly weak? I have ...
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combining isolation exercises with a 5x5 program

i am looking to start doing a 5x5 (stronglifts, specifically), but i have a grade 2 AC joint separation in my shoulder from a while ago. my physical therapist had me doing isolations to help ...
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Why are compound exercises better than isolation exercises for mass gain?

I commonly hear that compound exercises are the best mass builders, but I just can not understand why. Yes, they can save time by doing more at the same time. I also realize that they involve ...
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Chest exercises make my triceps burn

I know that with most chest exercises, the triceps are greatly involved. My concern is that by the time my triceps burns, I barely feel anything in my chest. My coach has suggested I put more ...
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Teres minor rehab isolation exercises

I've determined that tightness/weakness in my teres minor is at least partially repsonsible for the clicking in my shoulder when I rotate, apparently in its function as an antagonist. I have thera-...
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