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What is the benefit of doing isometric exercises followed explosive movements?

For example, doing a wall sit followed by squat jumps. Seen this pattern many times in workouts, and it indeed feels effective. I would like to read more about it but don't know what it's called and ...
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How to convert repetition number to hold-time?

I do bodyweight circuit training where isotonic and isometric exercises are mixed. So I want to know how to convert repetition number for dynamic exercises to hold-time for static ones. For example, I ...
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Can deadlifting isometrically develop strength and stimulate hypertrophy?

I have a bar attached to the floor, rusted and cemented. I can grip it and it's at the perfect height for mimicking a deadlift. Would pulling on it as hard as possible improve my deadlifting capacity ...
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How is isometric strength physiologically different than isotonic?

Other questions want to know how to train for isometric strength. I want to know what is physiologically different about a person who can hold static weights vs. a person who can lift heavy weights in ...
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Is there any benefit in stretching with weights?

The kind of stretching I'm referring to is the sort some schools make their kids do at morning assembly. Skip through parts of this video to get a general idea.
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Isometric finger training - individually vs collectively

Bit of background - my training goals are ultimately geared towards climbing and max strength. Endurance and Hypertrophy are things I'm not interested in. Right now like most climbers, I train using ...
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Why am I stronger in isometrics?

I can only curl with one arm 21 kilograms once, this is my maximum but I can hold at 90° degrees 30 kilograms for for up to 2 minutes then my arm starts to shake too much. So I'm clearly immensely ...
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Isometric training

I just found about isometric training and wanted to try it out but from what I see you have to do bench presses,squats and deadlifts. My question is: Is isometric training made for any exercise or ...
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Do isometric exercises decrease flexibility?

When weight training I've been told that to avoid muscle inflexibility to always perform lifts through the full range of motion of the joint. Does this extend to isometric exercises, where there is ...
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should a static shoulder hold feel sore after? [closed]

So I have a bit of shoulder impingement in my right shoulder and I am trying to do some shoulder and rotator cuff stabilization exercises to stregthen and loosen those muscles as Kelly Starrett ...
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I can't hold a plank for long - how do I get more effect out of a session?

I can hold a plank for 20-30 seconds tops, far shorter after I have done some other work. I have a couple of ideas on how to get more volume and effect out of a session: Hold until holding the ...
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Isometric deadlifts instead of barbell deadlifts

Would an isometric deadlift be a good substitute for a normal, barbell deadlift? I know that's difficult to engage as many muscles in the same way as barbell deadlifts. (I read Are there any ...
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How does isometric strength relate to isotonic strength?

Background Isometric - holding a weight in the same position. Example: holding heavy bags of groceries. Isotonic - moving the weight through a range of motion. Example: bicep curls. Question How does ...
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