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Bones are solid parts of a human body and providing necessary support and protection for organs and muscles.

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Do muscles deform bones?

I remember reading about bones can have their shape deformed by muscles pulling on them. also this website suggets that bones along the shaft get wider and thicker These forces squash, twist and bend ...
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Is it healthy to climb upstairs 9 storeys everyday?

My office is at the 9th floor. While everyone uses the elevator, I thought of using the stars instead. Is it a healthy choice to climb up 9 storeys everyday with the following conditions? Each floor ...
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Is my torso short for my legs length? [duplicate]

I can't touch my toes with my finger tips when bending(feel tightness in my hamstrings),and when compared to my friend,the degree of bend was same but for that he could touch his toes,but I couldn't.I ...
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Can bone thickness be increase through exercise in adulthood?

There seems to be a general consensus in the bodybuilding community that bone density can be increase by weight-bearing exercises and that bone thickness(girth) will not change in adulthood(after the ...
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Knuckle push-ups vs Finger push-ups

I was wondering which one is better, knuckle push ups or finger push ups. I know that knuckle push ups strengthen your wrists, and finger pushups strengthen your fingers. But is it better to do them ...
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Does whey causes brittle bones? [closed]

I have heard few times now that whey can cause bones to weaken up. I fell recently and broke my wrist fairly easily. I am wondering if whey does affect bones?
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What is a DEXA reading?

What is a DEXA reading? In another question, "What doctor/specialist can assess fat and body composition?", an answer suggested getting a DEXA reading. My brief research shows that it checks bone ...
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Why do my legs hurt so bad while running?

I am a 20 year old male. I never had this problem before. I stopped running for almost a year, but am now again starting to jog to remain fit. I have been running now for almost two weeks, but I get ...
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Relation between upper body workout and wrist size

Does regular upper-body workout lead to an increase in the circumference of the wrist? I'm thinking of exercises like bench press, curls, etc.
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How to widen the upper body (make distance between shoulders slightly higher)?

I just wanna know if there are any daily routines or exercises that - do not necessarily build muscles but in fact - make the distance between your shoulders higher and eventually widen the very upper ...
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Is there any point to these kinds of exercises to employ bone remodelling and Wolff's Law?

For those of you who can't or aren't inclined to watch the video, it is a presentation by a martial arts instructor who shows various exercises you can do with a wooden rod. He basically hits himself ...
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Improve diet to improve bone/joint structure?

Weight: 80kg / 176 pounds Height: ~192cm / 6 foot 4 Age: 19 I am trying to improve my bone/joint structure and am worried that due to an insufficient diet, it's an uphill jog. I am asking for advice ...
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